Parallel London 2018
The fully accessible fun-run and family festival!
Fundraise for The Neuro Foundation
by completing a Sensory-friendly 1km,
or a 100m, 5km, 10km fun-run.
Register your interest below!
Register your interest!
Parallel London is a fully accessible fun run and free family festival. There’s a 10km, 5km, 1km, 100m and the Super Sensory 1km.

All ages and abilities. No cut off times. Everybody running side by side.

Anyone who needs help from a carer or guardian is welcome for them to attend for free to help them take part.

To register your interest in taking part in the event and fundraising for The Neuro Foundation, complete this form and we will arrange it!


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Parallell London offers a 100m, 5km, 10km, and a Super Sensory 1km event.

The Super Sensory 1km supports memory by getting participants to complete a course full of multi-sensory experiences, from sound and smell to textures and colour:
• Individuals with profound and multiple learning disabilities
• Individuals on the autistic spectrum who engage with the world in a primarily sensory way and welcome the opportunity to rehearse a situation before entering it
• Individuals who need sensory support to remember an event. This may include people with late-stage dementia or specific brain damage

{{answer_gvLREMyHqlRi}}, would you expect to make use of the free place made open to a family member, friend, carer or guardian to help you along your run? *

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{{answer_gvLREMyHqlRi}}, we want to check that you understand this is a fundraiser! So the idea is you pay for your place in the event by fundraising a minimum amount of money for The Neuro Foundation. This will be discussed with you on the phone before we confirm your place.

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Do you have any concerns regarding your ability to complete the run? Describe them here to further inform our team.

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